• Santiago


    University of Buenos Aires School of Law

  • Dan Robinson

    Dan Robinson

    Coder / lawyer. Research Partner at Paradigm.

  • Sophie Lowe

    Sophie Lowe

    Dev+Comms Manager @aslnoozdah | tweet on #netfreedom Iran privacy | ramen, pie, Um Ali & tar music enthusiast | bah bah PGP: 8F46 CAD8 CE3E ABA9

  • avgn


    R&D fanatic ≠curious

  • Aleksandra Przegalinska

    Aleksandra Przegalinska

    Artificial Intelligence fan and researcher. Associate Professor @Kozminski University. Post-doc @MIT and Senior Researcher Fellow @Harvard LWP

  • Ilkay Holt

    Ilkay Holt

  • Digital Culture

    Digital Culture

    Exploring the intersections of technology, knowledge, and culture in a digital age. An @SSRC_org program. Follow our forum at http://parameters.ssrc.org.

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